Market leading thermal energy storage for homes

Easy to install

Seamlessly integrate Sunamp into your home


More compact than traditional hot water cylinders


Instant hot water on demand

Works with a wide choice of energy sources

Sunamp heat batteries are energy saving thermal stores containing high performance phase change materials to efficiently store heat for domestic hot water systems and space heating. Up to 4 times smaller than the equivalent hot water cylinder and requiring no routine maintenance, their sleek, super-compact design means they look good in any home and free up valuable storage space.


Whether you’re planning to improve your existing property or embarking on a new self-build home project, Sunamp’s eco-friendly, safe, efficient and compact heat batteries will integrate perfectly with your preferred heating controls to deliver cascades of hot water and highly responsive space heating to your dream home.

Housing developer

Incorporate a renewable energy system into your housing projects with Sunamp heat batteries, to deliver environmental benefits, save space and improve cost efficiencies. Sunamp’s bespoke design can be tailored to meet your exact size requirements, and additional storage can easily be added further down the line.

Social landlord

Cut carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty by introducing Sunamp heat batteries into new and existing housing stock. Tried and tested and already providing heat and hot water in thousands of homes, Sunamp heat batteries require little or no maintenance, are easy to install, carry no risk of legionella and work with a wide choice of energy sources.

How it works

Space saving — up to 4 times higher capacity

Up to 4 times higher energy efficiency

Proven energy savings

No routine maintenance

High flow rate

Easy to install

Instantaneously heated for freshness

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