How our Plentigrade P58 phase change material makes hot water

Plentigrade is the remarkable PCM inside our thermal batteries which absorbs and releases thermal energy during a melting and freezing process in a similar way to the gel in a pocket handwarmer.

  • PCMs absorb, store and release large amounts of latent heat when changing state between solid and liquid. Heat is absorbed on melting and released on freezing
  • Melting and freezing our Plentigrade P58 PCM formulation stores up to four times more energy than heating and cooling hot water
  • A high-powered heat exchanger or heating element immersed in our patented PCM rapidly charges the thermal battery. Heat is just as quickly extracted, and in our Thermino products, provides fresh, mains pressure hot water at a constant temperature only when it’s needed
  • Reliable, safe, non-toxic, non-flammable
  • Lowers energy use and carbon emissions