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Super-compact thermal batteries

How it works

Storing heat and releasing it on demand

Sustained with Plentigrade

Sunamp’s patented Plentigrade technology stores energy in our high-performance phase change materials and releases it to give hot water, heating or cooling on demand.

Long lifespan with best-in-class reliability rating.

Charging from renewables

Our thermal batteries support the electrification of heat.

They work with heat pumps, wind and solar, grid and microgrid electricity, waste heat, combined heat and power (CHP) and boilers.

And store 4 to 10 times more energy than conventional materials.

Wide temperature range

Plentigrade discharges at a consistent, controlled temperature.

Reliably, safely and efficiently.

This means our thermal batteries can be used to freeze (-30°C), refrigerate (5°C) or warm (58°C), and even sterilise (118°C) in many different settings.

Making homes, buildings and industry more energy efficient and sustainable

Combining low-cost materials, exceptional long-life and recyclability, our energy-dense batteries deliver a low-carbon solution for freezing, cooling, heating, steam, and hot water.

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About us in the UK

Sunamp’s vision is of a world powered by affordable and renewable energy sustained by compact thermal storage. Our mission is to transform how heat is generated, stored and used to tackle climate change and safeguard our planet for future generations.

We’re a global company committed to net zero and based in the UK. We design and manufacture our thermal battery products at our headquarters near Edinburgh. Here, we have our factory, research and development labs and customer training centre.

We are an ambitious, imaginative business that’s growing fast. Recent expansion includes offices in New York and Zurich.

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